March 14, 2022


THAN LIVING, a modern high-end condominium project …

Project Name : THAN LIVING Condominium

Designed  by : STUDIO TAILA CO.,LTD.

Type of Work :  

Site Area : 13,362 sq.m.

Construction cost :   100 Million USD



THAN LIVING, a modern high-end condominium project with 3 high rise buildings; 21 platforms, and 3 low rise buildings; 8 platforms, located in Prchauthit Road. Concept of the high rise buildings are inspired from sky ,and those low rise came from a mountain. Each types of building are separated by user’s nature which are comprised of “LADY” building, “HEALTHY” building and “PETS-LOVER” building. By the way, STUDIO TAILA has joined in EIA commit process as well.

 After surveying the site and pinning essential existing trees, we found out that the main obstacle in first approach of the design concept is to harmonize the difference types of building and difference types of user’s nature. Obviously, both main facility and swimming pools are available in low rise buildings but most of users are living in high rise buildings, so that there would be one of using and approaching constrain.

In primary design concept, we met with fences which were delivered from the mountain concept from adjacent low rise building, and then ended up with the sky concept to far high rise building. As a result, it would be unity by sight. Then, we turned to design landscape ,and all 2nd roof platform on low rise buildings facility by continuously.