March 07, 2022

Creston Hills

Creston Hills, Khao-Yai
Project Name : Creston Hills, Khao-Yai

Designed  by : KTGY Inter-Associates, Ltd.

Type of Work : Master Planning and Landscape Architecture

Site Area : 3.7 Acres

Construction cost :    500 Million Baht 

Completion : 2008 – Present (in construction)

Master Planning
Development is divided into 3 major zones:
                 – Public Zone
                 – Private Zone
                 – Meditation Zone

       The three zones are interconnected through a system of man-made waterways which connects to the Lam Tha Kong stream to the south, cascades down through the Meditation Zone, and winds its way throughout the development.  A pedestrian circulation network follows the waterway system to create a unique and serene walkable sanctuary for the enjoyment of the entire community.

Landscape Design

Meditation Garden

The central garden space is clear and open.

A meditation feature presides serenely over the garden, while the water feature washes away the city’s clamor with its quietly calming presence. At night the glow of the interior space suffuses the garden in a soft light. Accent lighting on plants and architectural elements highlights these focal points but whether day or night, the garden remains a tranquil oasis perfect for clearing the mind of the day’s worries. To look at and feel the beauty of nature stones, wood, textures, shapes, colors, light, winds and clouds. A minimal approach to the space – patterned stone Ipe wood with a restrained palette of planting – keeps the eye at rest.