Nu-Communitism: The Revitalization of Klongchan Public Housing 

Project Statement

Poverty leads to the occurrence of slums in big cities. National Housing Authority is a Thai state enterprise with an objective of providing affordable housing for low and middle-income citizens who do not have residential ownership.  They have set a typical design standard to fit every housing project.  However, most residents are from rural hometowns that are rich in cultures and traditions.  When the obsolete design standard meets social diversity, it eventually causes changes to land misuse or disuse, leading to a higher risk of crime, drug abuse, public irresponsibility, and vandalism.  Therefore, this project proposes a concept of “Nu-Community”, bringing new approach of public space design for livable community.   Considering the strong points of rural living and the potential of urban context, it have become strategies to unite the whole community by creating more communal spaces, co-experience activities, wisdom sharing, community cooperation, and adaptation to environment, for a better living and well-being in public housing community.


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