From 2325 B.E. till now, the Rattanakosin Kingdom has become the important cultural parts in history of Bangkok and also the beginning of the new civilization. The era of immigration and trading brings the variety groups of nation settle down the community. Each ones have their own characteristic that become the sense of places. 
Contemporary urban cultural heritage project takes place in the center of the Rattanakosin Island which concerns about conserving the local tradition. Most of the traditions pass down by generation and become the basis of Thai people. Due to the growing of city life, urban culture has decrease.
The process of project started from bringing old building that situated in the center of each districts to be the learning hub. Each ones represent their character. All of the districts are connected by using landscape design along the old canal that used to be the main access. The design aims to connect the outside people to acknowledge the way local people living. Bringing the sustainable living.

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