Chuk Samet Deep Sea Port is located at Sattahip, Chonburi under the care of Sattahip naval base. It is used for traders the shipping But nowadays , with the development of the country's transportation system, including land transport, rail system and aircraft system , as a result, the government has recognized the potential of connecting various transportation systems. The policy is to improve the port of Chuk Samet into a ferry and cruise port for support the increasing number of tourists in the future.But in this area, there is a  high volume of marine resources The development could affect such marine resources by damaging or reducing. This project aims to develop in 4 nodes.
1. The project must be environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It must be developed in tandem with the environmental conservation of the project to remain or increase.
2. The project must be the hub of the transportation system in the eastern part of Thailand and help promoting the economies of the country.
3. The Development alongside with the conservation will result in the project of becoming a new eco-tourism destination in the East. It helps attract more tourists to visit and use the service.
4. The project will help to unveil the importance of Thai navy to the country to future generations or foreigners who are interested in the project.

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