Mrigadayavan coastal landscape restoration and reserve project

The Objective of this project is to restore the unique ecosystem, coastal ecology and maritime forest, while combining it with the current users and functions of the site. Beside of the ecology restoration, the project is to restore the cultural landscape, Mrigadayavan landscape. In the past, King Vajiravudh (King RamaVI) decided to build the summer palace here for healing his illness. Furthermore His Majesty concentrated on the natural productivity in the site including freshwater resource from small canal, sandy beach and the abundance of native plants such as Maerua siamensis (Kurz) Pax etc. therefore He made this palace to be humble to the site environment and issued a declaring protected zone for wildlife and nature. After the restoration process, the education trail was added to the coastal landscape to educate everyone who visited the site. The trail introduce people about the natural system such as the coastal processes that relate with time, the dynamic of wind and wave and other characters of maritime forest and coastal landscape. So at the end people will have gained awareness about the significant and the existence of this ecosystem which is the coastal ecology and maritime forest.

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