Pra Patom Chedi is the highest Chedi in Thailand and biggest in the world. It is the centre of the city from the past to present. Now, the centre overlaps with the old and new spaces that make the trouble to local and tourist in living and traveling such as the public transportation overlaps within the canal front, food market and amulet market located in the conservation area, parking around the conservation area, national museum planned to move in the old prison etc. There is the opportunity to develop and conserve the centre that can nominate the World Heritage list. This project is the physical development and concern about the city landscape to reconnect the city network that connect the activities and environment to the city centre.

In detail, the city centre composes of market zone, conservation zone and museum and park zone. Market zone is the renovation of existing structure and conserve the building and activities; trade. To add spaces up for the future activities and relocate zoning of market for the appropriate function. Conservation zone – Pra Patom Chedi – moving market and parking to the outside and regenerating the area to peaceful space that appropriate to the culture and region. Museum and park zone is the cultural area to exhibit the antiquities and performance at the art square in the front of museum. In the back, park in the old prison that keep the wall and ditch of the prison and connect the entry to increase people. And the area near the canal is multipurpose area that is the roof garden of parking lots. Food market and Amulet market are the main function in this area but using in some time. The canal front connects all zone together.

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