Inundation Ecosystem Landscape : Mun riverfront public space for ecological restoration and connection with Huai Wang Nong reservoir is situated on the area of 1,432 rai in Ubon rachathani at the northeast of Thailand in Mun River Watershed. The Mun River Watershed is the biggest watershed in Thailand. This project will be in the middle of Mun River Watershed. The geography of this area was known as the floodplain. That could explain why inundation area or the seasonal wetland is considered its outstanding feature. On the other hand, these outstanding features were destroyed by the government’s projects due to their complete ignorance. The government didn’t understand thoroughly about this seasonal wetland ecosystem. As a result, the flooding problem and the abandoned area occurred. So, the objective of this project is to rehabilitate the value of this area, which is also considered the dynamic of nature that will support the urban and rural population. Finally, it will become one of the best ecosystems and sustainable developments in the world.

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