Project Statement
According to the policy of State Railway of Thailand (SRT), that plan to construct the new railway system connect each region of Thailand together, by the hub of this new railway system is Bangsue Grand Station, located on Bangsue District, Bangkok. This policy effect to the surrounding area (SRT Property) of Bangsue Grand Station, make this area has a potential to be a new commercial district of Thailand. But with the operation of train’s maintenance in the site, this new commercial district need to have a sustainable design to make the atmosphere and the environment proper for human habitat. Then green infrastructure strategy has brought to solve this problem, by using the benefit of green area to increase the eco-capacity and develop ecological function. The green infrastructure also enhance the walking and biking transportation that link the area together across the train’s maintenance system that cut the connection of space. This strategy make space become the place for people that can support human activity and communication for better quality of urban social life.

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